Call for Street Outreach Supplies

Street Based Sex Workers in Orlando need you to help us provide them with toiletry items you use every day.  We conduct regular street outreaches and supplies go quickly.  Donating these items makes their lives easier!  Contact us using the form below with the items you want to donate and we will do the rest!  Travel Sizes are the best but we appreciate all types and sizes of items as long as its new!  We will arrange pick up from your location or you can bring it to us!  Our next date is February 26th!

Liquid/Bar Soap             Hand Sanitizer             Toothbrush          Tampons

Shampoo         Toothpaste           Pregnancy Tests          Lotion

Deodorant        Washcloth       Disposable Razors         Shaving Cream

Combs               Breath Mints            Latex Gloves             Ankle Socks

Brushes               Nail clippers              Nail Files           Condoms

Dental Floss               Lube           PopUp Wipes

We do NOT limit the number of items we have available to the ladies!  We give til its gone and work to get more for the next outreach!

Thanks to the generosity of UCF Grad student for their generous donation of 500 Condoms!